The Red Room

The Red Room
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Morning all!!!

Good morning All!! Another beautiful day here. A great day filled with writing, romance and demons. 

     Jason says mornin' as he bites into a bagel and Ethan grunts as he can't... It tastes like sand to him, you see. Beth looks longingly at Ethan and knows she can't have him. She must kill him to stop his angry rampage of killing her people.      And Xelander...? Ah Xelander... he's just trying to fight the Kocktary and live long enough to return to his people.       Whipses is looking for his Master.
     Makazia fancies herself in love with Ethan, the tall, muscular, dark-haired Other with beautiful blue-black eyes and an attitude. She needs to rid herself of the demon. Beth, if she wants wants to have him. So she is planning evil, vile designs for our hero and heroine.
     Another beautiful morning?? Maybe not so much.

Check out all my characters in my next blog...  It will be an excerpt from my new book Demon Hunter, Demon Prey The Demon Akuma Series Book #1

Have a beautiful day! 

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