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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Amazon Review

I received my first review on Amazon 4 stars.  Couldn't put it down.  Wow!!!  It's so cool.   Check it out--      

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Demons of Granite Rock

I was chosen for top 10 books of the month by my publisher.  WOW!!  So Cool.

A little bit about me.

I've always wanted to write since it was in the 3rd grade where I began with poetry and silly short stories about  the travels of a dollar bill or Jerry the Alien.  When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was always a writer. 

When I was in high school I was encouraged by all my English teacher's to take creative writing classes.  I decided that would be a great idea.  It was there that I published my first poems in the Salt Lake Tribune.  I won the Quill and Scroll award for being in the Expressions Magazine and my published works and then a Scholarship to the then Ricks College in Idaho.

Marriage and three children interrupted my dream.  But I wouldn't change that decision for the world.  I was finally able to work on my writing as my children moved out onto their own.  

I've written 4 novels and I have 2 more I am working on.  Demons of Granite Rock is my first published novel.  

I live in Salt Lake City Utah with my husband, my two sons and with regular visits from my daughter, son-in-law and my granddaughter.

One other thing I am an author not necessarily a blogger, still working on that so excuse the newness of my blog.  I'm in the process of upgrades but this is still pretty new to me.  Let's just say I'm under construction and leave it at that.

Well, enough about me onto the good stuff.

Here is the synopsis of my new book Demons of Granite Rock.  It is a paranormal romance with some horror thrown in just for fun.

I’m Mark Campbell—a ghost without hope…     

     Barker and his minions have taken over the small town of Granite Rock, Utah and the founder’s are in danger of more than just losing their town.  
     Emily Stewart, one of the founder’s daughter’s goes undercover trying to destroy the threat that has taken over.  But Barker begins to suspect her and closes in.
     That’s when J.C., the mystical ghost leader calls me in—however, I’m no ordinary ghost.  I’m brave.  I’m strong….  But I’m a little crazy and I have my own demons to conquer.  I don’t know there are worse things than my voices—demons of the mind.  Even my betrayed past, my inability to trust is nothing compared to what is residing there.  These are demons you can slather with jelly and they will still taste foul.
     I am about to find there are things… things that go slithery-kerthumpity bump in the night and things that suck your soul dry during the day.  
     And there is also the girl, Emily, who needs my help.  For her I will do anything, stand up to anything, brave anything.
    So, again and again I try to defeat the evil Barker but he’s a demon and he seems to be able to best even a ghost.  Can I learn to trust?  Should I let my own demons take over my mind to save Emily, the founder’s, and the town?  And will my demons release me when it’s over?  
And an except:
Saying the darkness of the night deepened when I pulled into Granite Rock would be like saying, “dancing with a half truth” was the same as “grinding with a lie”.  Entering the limits of the town I left the strange silence and the sneaking away of the day and slammed into something so hard and absent that it made the sign and the desert seem like a casual drive on a breezy afternoon.
     The night of Granite Rock was a hole filled with absence, the absence of even the darkness of night.  The normalcy of the night didn’t exist here it had been ripped away, leaving a swarming dank murkiness around and between it--a deep, blank nothingness.
     You could barely make out the stark face of the angry moon as it tore its way through the veil of bad tempered gloom and the stars desperate and haunting whispered into the dead night.  And dead it was.

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