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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My newest review for Demons of Granite Rock - Read on Good Reads or here

Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:
Kara Lee Lovell’s debut book, Demons of Granite Rock, was a wonderful surprise.

A thriller full of beautiful riddles and purposeful vagueness in the prose, it had me hanging on every word to see what would come about.

Mark is ‘the ghost’. He’s an enigma. A bipolar consultant for the even more mysterious J.C, whose sole purpose is “the job”.

Granite Rock, Utah is “the job”. A small town in the middle of nowhere, founded by 2 sisters, it is now overrun by a cult mentality community. Mark’s job is to fix it, along with the rift that has torn the sisters apart.

While attempting to do just that, Mark encounters more than he ever bargained for. The town isn’t being overcome by a cult, it’s being possessed by demons, and the innocent are being destroyed one by one.

Demons of Granite Rock isn’t just a horror/thriller. It’s a peek into the human psyche, an instruction on trust, a dissection of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and a test of faith. It’s a mysterious foray into the life of ‘the ghost’, the founding families of Granite Rock, Utah, and the greater good.

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Demons of Granite Rock 3 1/2 Skulls and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for an up-and-coming author with small similarities to early/mid-career Stephen King and Dean Koontz, or anyone who wants a thriller with diverse layers and action.

For the sake of completeness I have to mention that there are some editing issues in this first release of Demons of Granite Rock, but I firmly believe that if you go into it knowing that, you can overlook them for the sake of the story.

I think Kara has a winner with her debut novel. I’m interested to see what she comes up with for us next.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Demons of Granite Rock and new projects

The sequel to Demons of Granite Rock--Return to Granite Rock should be out this year.

I also have another project in the editing phase. It is even longer than Demons so it will be a lengthy process. It has been written but is also in the editing phase.

Here is a synopsis:

Haley waits for his return. He will return and it will begin. She stands pacing the room anxious to have it begin… and end. She will never give up Jake. But the Machine takes it’s own. It devours who it will and she might not have that choice. She might not even remember doing it.
She has made a clean sweep of the room a circle of the bed which controls the room and their time together. She shivers at the lengths she’s gone to already to protect her son. But he’s more important than her, Toby, Davidson or the crazy world this has become. He’s the only one who can save them from the insanity of Karisha.
She thinks of Toby and longs for him. Not what he’s become, because of the machine, but the strength he’s always been to her. Even now she doesn't realize the strength and courage she’s shown through her journey to keep her son safe.
She takes a ragged breath as she hears the key in the lock. He has returned.

The world has become crazy since Hollywood and the Stars have taken over the government and the Theatrical Guard, the police force. Laws are twisted around and inside out. Prostitution, drugs legalized and gun’s outlawed; this is thought to bring order to the world.
But Toby Redstone knows better and he will not allow the new laws to deter him from the protection of his family, especially his gifted son, Jake. He seeks his guns on the black market.
Because of his actions and because of Jake’s talents he has to make a run for it. He drags his unwilling wife, Haley Rose, the dancer and daughter of a Theatre star into the night, the mountains, and everything that she despises and fears. But he’s right. He’s always right.
Jake Redstone leaves Salt Lake City to avoid the overwhelming onslaught of emotions the little six year old can’t handle and to find a man named, Joseph who knows about the ‘Shades of Gray’ and what they mean.
They tramp the nearly empty mountains running from Haley’s father and his insane mistress, the actress and president of the United States, Karisha Black. She employs her Theatrical Guard and Davidson to hunt them down, bring them back, assuming that Toby is the leader of the rebels. She is sure they wish to dethrone her and destroy her plans for a new world of 800,000 hunter gathers the rest of the world to die by the release of a deadlier enhanced form of the VX gas, bought from the Iraqi government.
But Davidson has different purposes for their return. He’s created a machine that can see and feel others memories and emotions and he is addicted to it, like a drug.
He wants Toby in the chair under the light from the machine and Haley fascinates him. He will have his way with them both, unless Jake and his new friends can stop him.