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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Demon Hunter, Demon Prey (The Akuma Series #1)

Hi Guys--

I have a synopsis for you from my new book Demon Hunter, Demon Prey (The Akuma Series #1).

Demon Hunter
 Demon Prey
The Akuma Series

     Ethan has become Other, part human and part demon, after being attacked by a demon over 100 years ago. 
     Ethan hates what he’s become.  So he begins hunting demons.  But even though he kills he doesn’t consider this murder after what those demons did to him—what they do to humans.  He’s dangerous to all demons, all clans, all classes.  He’s not picky about which demons he kills.  If they are demons, they are evil.  Yet, he refuses to totally lose his humanity.  After all he fights for humanity... Now human women are turning up dead... And Ethan knows with a certainty that a demon is responsible.
     Why Ethan isn’t dead no one knows and if Beth has anything to say about it he will be.
     Beth is a demon and a slave.  She wants nothing more than to become normal, to be looked on as normal by her kind.  If she makes her first kill a tattoo of a ragged heart will appear on her left hip and she will have earned the respect and freedom she craves.  But is that all she is?  Is she truly what she seems?  Does she have the unfeeling, detached emotions of other demons, like her uncle, the clan leader?  Because the problem for Beth becomes… can she kill someone she’s fallen in love with? 

I also, have "Shades of Gray" a futuristic romance, "Dark Whispers" a paranormal, fantasy romance and the sequel to Demons of Granite Rock... "Return to Granite Rock."  All coming out soon.  Stay tuned. 

I also have a blog promo coming up soon.  I'll keep you informed.
Thanks and have a great day!!!  

((((((((((HUGS, KISSES, AND WILD NAUGHTY SEX)))))))))) 

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